{"time":1642742562348,"blocks":[{"id":"fIK3SDVONt","type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["WD-40 Anti-Rust Lubricant","Material Type: Rust removal liquid Spray","Brand: WD-40","Capacity:191ml","Eliminates squeaking from locks, in-line skates, baby strollers","Cleans and protects bicycle parts from rusting","Cleans and protects fishing gears, boat hardware and fittings","Protects metal from rust and corrosion","Removes oil, dirt, grease grime","Recommended for motorbike/car engines, frames, spark plugs, battery terminals, door locks and hinges, machine tools and equipment, etc","Period Of Validity: 5 Years","External Testing Certification: ISO9001, RoHS","Formulated in the USA & Manufactured in China"]}}],"version":"2.22.2"}